Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I did NOT think I would EVER say those words!! But I have - stop giving - "uncle" - we can't handle anymore!! The MIRACLE has been realized!!

To ALL of you who deeply care for the orphan -

The Lord has granted us miracle after miracle over the last 2 days. By the hands of His people - many of you have given, agencies and individuals alike. I would like to give praise to God and Him alone for the wondrous work He has done on behalf of the fatherless - those He greatly desires to place in homes.

We have been given:

over $6000 between our chip in and Kelly R's purse fundraiser
a Love Without Boundaries grant of $3000
a Grant Me a Chance grant of $1000
a $13,000 NO interest loan from a private donor and a $6000 grant from a private donor.

Totalling $29,000!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS donations via Shepherd's Crook tax ded fund of an unknown amount.

All in less than 2 days ...... I think I can now safely say ..... STOP...... we have enough!!

And I want to add that all the grants and loan were by individuals who called or emailed ME - not I to them. On my first post on this blog I mentioned that the Lord had given me Ps 127 as the verse to hold onto : "He provides for his loved ones even in their sleep, children are a GIFT from Him" - He was assuring me way back then that HE would supply and He has done so with abundance!!!

THANK YOU from the Kambergers, especially from DuJie and LuShi who will soon be part of their forever family because of the help of givers like yourselves.

Please continue to uphold us in prayer as we continue with the paperwork - we still have many hurdles to cross on the way to bring these children home.

In HIS strength and mercy alone,

Mary and John


  1. This is the second miracle of this sort I've seen this year.

    Proof that our God reigns!

  2. What an AMAZING thing to be able to say stop giving! Wow! Congrats!


  3. I didn't even get a chance to post you to my blog! I was going to type up a post tonight, then checked in, and saw all the good news!

    Mind-boggling, isn't it? What a true testimony of God's grace, and what AWESOME lessons he's teaching us and our children about FAITH.

    Love you guys!

  4. PTL!! He surely can move mountains. Can hardly wait to type, welcome home, LuShi and Christina! Keep us psoted, please. Many prayers are going up for others to move out of the way and let God blow those needed docs through the right places.

  5. I am so thrilled for you and your family. God is good! Can't wait to follow your journey.

  6. AWESOME! God is just Awesome. I am so happy to hear this. God is blessing your leap of faith. Go get your children!

    Karin P