Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10:30pm GOOD NEWS last night

Okay, last night as I was literally exhausted emotionally and mentally, I read an email from Anne Little (sweet southern belle that she is) that said "I have a secret, but I want to call you ... what's you number?" I responded with my # and waited ... and waited .... and finally decided I better get these littles in bed if she is not gonna call me! I bedded down 3 of them and then had my "snuggle night" with Nathan - each evening one of them gets Mommy all to themselves after the others go to bed. After Nate went to bed, I came downstairs and was wondering why Anne STILL hadn't called but then saw another email saying "get off the phone!! I want to talk with you and your phone is busy!" So I quick checked all the phones and sure enough one was acting funky. I started my email back to Anne when she called and said, "are you sitting down?" Then told me that Love Without Boundaries has granted us $3000!!!!!! WOW, oh, WOW! AND then I opened another email from Holly Brooke saying that Grant Me a Chance is giving us $1000!! Praise GOD!


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