Friday, November 20, 2009

Continued prayers

As I was thanking the Lord this morning for the incredible miracles He has provided, He whispered caution in my ear. We are still not sure what given name we want for LuShi, but I wanted one of the OT men that, through the miracles of God, "beat the odds" - David against Goliath, Joseph against his brothers and Pharoah's wife, Gideon against the army that outnumbered him so terribly or Elijah against the prophets of Baal. God was whispering to not be frightened after this present miracle because another "jezebel" may be right on it's heels. To NOT be afraid of the odds or the chances, but to face it head on like the other "impossibilities" that were already conquered this week.

Please, please continue to pray because the I800 is still in transit along with the Article 16 to go to Texas' "lockbox" where it was relayed to me by my Senator's office:

I talked to the Texas Service Center yesterday and was told that they have Contractors that input the I800 petitions at the lockbox. They are given 14 days to get the application back to the Missouri Service Center.

We do NOT have that much time - in NO way, shape or form. God knows that - but please go to Him in full FAITH that He has the ability to work His perfect will .... whatever that may be. I will be asking for a turn around time so fast that it will grant our I800 approval by Wednesday of next week .... because next week is Thanksgiving and things stop on holidays. And I'm not sure how many of the workers will even be off on Friday - so let them do the work before they take holiday.

Because then that will give the Consolate in Guangzhou only a week to turn it all around and issue the Article 5.

That all sounds incredibly impossible BUT so did everything else that transpired so far this week!

Thank you for your continued support, your notes of encouragement and especially your prayers.

The two new pix - one of an "older Lushi" even though it is still a year old!! And a new one of Christina someone took on a visit there recently.



  1. Keeping you all in my prayers!!!

  2. We just got back from China and we named our son CALEB from the old testament. Means wholehearted and faithful. He and Joshua were the only ones to end up seeing the Promise Land. Praying for you guys, what faith! GOD IS GOOD!