Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ready for some GOOD news?

What a roller coaster ride this has been. Too many stories and hoops that I've encountered today, but the end result is this: our file has LEFT Texas!!! and is being overnighted to Missouri!! Hopefully our caseworker can do the adjudication (impressed by my big fancy words?) of the I800 tomorrow .... hopefully before 1pm so it can go out fedex to New Hampshire. Once there, all the rest can be done electronically!! So maybe, just maybe the Lord God Almighty will be answering this prayer even EARLIER than we hoped!! As Linny would say "Yippee Jesus!!"

Speaking of God - listen to this!! Dick Graham, a sick em Great Dane if there ever was one, is in contact with the supposed 'top gal' with this division in the CIS - he tells her that many people have been praying about this, to which Cheryl says, " we have named this file "the reverend file" because we are ALL praying for it!" Talk about God grabbing the glory all across the board! What a testimony this one is!

Thank you all for your prayers, encouraging words and your heart deep love for the orphan ... cause there are two more coming home soon!!

In His strength and mercy alone,


  1. Yeah Mary!!! I can not wait to hear your travel approval and visa stuff and all the rest are ready and you are on your way to the airport. That will be one happy day!!

  2. I've been following your journey and now must comment rather than just lurk. I know that there must be many many others like myself that quietly pray for your family, and I want to represent them and say, we are here, and we pray for you daily. Our Lord is good and so powerful to do anything He wants. I think he very much wants these two wonderful children to be with you forever and always, wrapped in your mama love.
    We have two special needs adoptions of our own. The hoops were daunting to bring them home as the program around us crumbled and closed. But the Lord is good and our 2 came home to make a family of now 8.
    Continued prayers to you Mary! He is an awesome God!

  3. Keeping your sweet family in my prayers!!