Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nothing yet

Sorry, bloggy followers for not posting for 2 days, but there has been no overt action to report. Except that many are in prayer and some are fasting for this to resolve. Our I800 application is in Texas and they have been contacted by our Senator Grassley's office and by someone high up in CIS to "move it, move it" however they can. I am anxiously waiting for some news of that file hitting Missouri today ... our caseworker is off Friday as well as Thursday and needs to clear/approve it by TOMORROW.

I am setting up flight plans - for those who were offering sky miles we found out definitively last night that for just my flight we would need 165,000 miles and we don't - not even close. There is still one option left for the flights, but we won't find out until next week about that one. But truly, with the giving that has occurred we can still pay for the tickets .... it would just be frugal to do what we can without the cold hard cash.

I hope today I can shout His praises again .... but wait - even in the midst of the storm and NO answers I can still shout His praises for He is STILL God and one who has stepped out from His expanse to come down and draw us back into our His life through the blood and person of Christ! Praise God!!

In His strength and mercy alone,

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