Saturday, November 21, 2009

God's hand again!

Dear friends,

Since I would be traveling ALONE to pick up these two older children, our agency director was very concerned. She realized the need these older children have in being understood and having a guide with us as much as possible to translate for them. She thought she could arrange that in Shanxi for LuShi but was not sure about when we traveled to Jiangxi to get Christina ... having two of them ... she was very concerned that we would need more guide help.

I told her that I have a friend in China who was our very first guide when we adopted Juliana ( who is also a believer!!) and that she was still registered to be a guide .... but after ALL that CAWLI is doing for us, I did not want to say "I don't want your guides" .... Lillian quickly said "Call her! Get her to book everything for you in China - would be much better for you and will cost less". So I emailed my friend while she was sleeping and waited.

She was so excited to say YES ... my dh, John, connected us up via Jaja phone and we giggled like schoolgirls!! She is going to book EVERYTHING for us - planes, trains and automobiles ... no wait that's a movie ... planes, hotels and appts!! AND she will be my travel companion the WHOLE time - right in the room with us every minute!! While we were talking I mentioned that we would be hitting GZ just prior to Christmas (if the timing and miracles continue) and could get the medical done on Christmas day ... she got very quiet and I said, "you did realize we will be there over Christmas?" She screamed,"that's right." I thought she may want to back out, but she laughed and said how fun it would be to spend Christmas with us!! What a sister in Christ .... from the "ends of the earth" together to celebrate His glorious birth!! Thank you, dear Angela ..... she is also the angel that helped me find DuJie - ain't God something!!?? Making these plans by having she and I meet over 5 yrs ago?!!

So I want you to again praise God for His bountiful provision and yet still be in deep intercession for the upcoming week. CIS must be expedient for this to work out and my Senator's office said they have done all that they can do. It is purely God's hand that needs to move and get that application package of papers from TX to MO so our caseworker can complete the process stateside.

So, like Esther before the planned destruction of the Jews asked of her people, "Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for 3 days, night or day. I and my maids will fast as you do". I am not asking you to fast for 3 days and not to eat OR drink for that long, but please be in deep prayer for God's hand to move and grant LuShi a family, a home and the medical care he needs to perhaps heal him of this nearly 14 year involuntary flow .... which brings to mind the healing of the woman with the 12 yr hemorrage.... I will be fasting from food today and probably Monday - if any of you are of the persuasion to truly go before God and seek him with a fast - I would be so very thankful! The last time I fasted for another person, was the same day the Lord gave me the Word of Ps 127 that "He would supply for His loved ones, even in their sleep" when I also was praying for the deep financial concerns of our upcoming adoption.

In His strength and mercy alone and humbled in His presence,

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