Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still in need of PRAYER

PLEASE would you all stop right now and pray about LuShi - I am finding out this morning that the CIS in TX may not be able to "log it in, take the money and send it on to CIS MO today" that may be too much to do all in one day. : / of course I don't walk in their shoes, so perhaps it truly is a bigger job than I am portraying.

And then it has to go to MO .... Texas won't fedex it to MO... not "policy" even if I give my acct # and pay for it!! IF it was to somehow be completed TODAY and sent snail mail and actually reached MO tomorrow.... well my very helpful (truly no sarcasm cuz she is doing ALL she can) CIS worker said if she couldn't do all the work on it and get it out via Fedex by 1pm..... it will have to sit on her desk and wait to go fedex on FRIDAY!! But couldn't someone take it to a fedex center,,, no not policy..... it has to go out through the mailroom .... could I have someone pick it up if it gets done after 1pm from the mailroom and take it to fedex (I KNOW the adoption community - there HAS to be someone close to Lewisville, MO who would do that for Lushi) .... no that is against policy. Then she remarked "I can't believe if you are this far into the adoption that China can't give you an extension" ....... ummmm cuz it's not just "policy" it is LAW!!!!

Then it still has to go to New Hampshire - the National Visa Center .... it CAN be fedexed to them - the NCV has to scan it over to Guangzhou.....and my agency gets the preapproved I800 to fedex to GZ so they can meet up and stil be handled by the GZ consolute who then has to issue the Article 5. Ya know only in America .... does a file go to Texas to get the money out, then go to Missouri to do the actually work/approval on it, then have to go to New Hamshire to actually be scanned in and sent to GZ.

Now please if anyone knows, can you tell me how the HAGUE has made adoption so much BETTER?? So sorry for my frustration showing .... I knew this was impossible to start with - THAT is why I said to the Lord, "if YOU want Lushi in our family, You can do it!" And then when man has a totally impossible situation and it DOES work out ..... only God gets the glory and praise. I, for one, would really love to give that praise and glory to God on 12/12/09.

In His strength and mercy alone,



  1. I am so sorry it has to be so complicated. I completely agree with you- I have no idea how this whole I800 , Hague process is in any way better. It irritates me too. But like you said, without the impossible, God can't work his possible and that is where we will see his miracles and He will get the glory He deserves. Love, Kim

  2. Only God....hang on and watch!