Friday, November 20, 2009

2 LOA's overnight!!!!

My wake up email today from my caseworker from CAWLI:

By the way - good news!
2 LOA's for you today!

The director faxed the I800A approval last night to 3 different CCAA directors but it was our Lord that moved their hand. I could NOT stay in my desk chair, but literally had to fall on my face before our Heavenly Father and tremble in awe!!

Can you even begin to imagine what plans God has for the future of these children???

Please start to pray for God's huge hedge of protection on our travel, on our and the children's health, on ANYTHING the adversarial prince and power of the air might try to throw in our path ... of course I firmly believe this adversary has to first ASK permission before the Throne to do so ...... so if God is for us WHO can be against us??

If you are NOT a firm believer in the saving power of Jesus PLEASE see this as a testimony of what He WILL do for the sake of His children ..... and then read Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ, the Gospel of John and the book of Romans.

In His strength and mercy alone and humbled in His presence,



  1. Excitedly watching the miracle God is giving you!!!

    In Christ,
    Janet, Kevin, Ted,Philip, and waiting for Eli

  2. I am holding my breath to see what He does next!
    What man says is impossible....God says...
    Will keep you in our prayers.