Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fingerprints are DONE

One more step in the right direction. We were fingerprinted today down in Des Moines. Now we wait for the prints to clear and be sent to the Hague unit in Missouri - then we will receive approval for our I800A and on to the next step. We will be waiting for China to review our dossier and issue us an LOA/LOC which basicly asks us "do you STILL want to adopt these children?" ..... hmmmm, let me think .....YES!! Then it the LOA along with MORE paperwork which I will begin to fill out TODAY will be sent back to the Hague unit in Missouri where we HOPE it will move along at the same incredible speed with which it has already!! I have two more WONDERFUL things to share .... well actually three, but they deserve their own personal "titles".

In HIS strength and mercy alone,

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