Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday in Guangzhou

Much has happened since our last post.  Yesterday was health exam day for the kids.  The exams went just fine, other than Lushi being embarrassed at having to undress in front of the doctor.  Angela said he didn't think it was any of their business what his special need is!!  Then came the vaccinations.  Poor Christina was balling just having her blood pressure done.  When we signed to her that there were to be pokes, she was very upset.  I held her tightly on my lap while Mary and another nurse held her arm for the TB test.  Then came 3 other shots, accompanied by much wailing.  Lushi was sticking his head in the door laughing at the whole scene.  Little did he know that he needed to get the TB and FIVE shots.  When the time for that came, he handled it very well-- looking away and grimacing with each stick.  After 2 shots in each arm, the nurse told him the last shot needed to go in his leg.  He argued quite forcefully!  He is very embarrassed that due to his urinary incontinence he needs to wear adult diapers.  All of a sudden, he decided he needed to go to the bathroom before the final shot.  He came back quickly, minus the diaper, and let out a little yelp when they stuck him.  I felt sorry for both of them.  We Tylenol'd them as soon as we got back to the hotel and they've both been mildly complaining about the pain at their injection sites ever since.   Mary and I are very concerned about this whole vaccination process.  You would NEVER see a child get this many shots at one time in the states.  We talked to another mother this morning whose new daughter had to get SEVEN vaccinations today.  That is ridiculous.  The worst part is that in our prior adoption experiences, many of the kids who get all the vaccinations in China need to have them re-done once they get home because their titers are not acceptable.

Mary has been under the weather for several days now.  We're thinking it was something she ate that is bothering her.  Last night, she ate very little for supper.  Normally she LOVES the Thai food at the Cow + Bridge restaurant here on Shamian Island.   When we got back to the room, she went straight to bed but was soon up sitting on the pot while holding a garbage can in her lap.  It was a long night for her.   Today, she's taking it quite easy and is feeling a little better.  We went for a long walk around the island today.  Very sunny and in the low 60's today.  The kids (well, at least Christina) enjoyed the park for a while, then we walked along the riverfront where the sun was shining bright. The rays feel great on the skin.

The plan for the next 24 hrs is dinner tonight... not sure where yet.  Tomorrow morning we'll go to church at the Shamian Christian Church, maybe followed by an outdoor lunch at Lucy's :-)   Sorry to all you family and friends in Maryland.  I've heard about the 20 inches of snow you're getting.  I'll be thinking about you all while I eat my lunch outside tomorrow :-)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Glad all that is done. When do they read the TB tests? In SC, the health dept will give up to 4 at a time or that is hwo they "caught up" my adopted kids. Five or more is truly ridiculous! I'm praying you will fidn the best doctors / surgeons for Lushi and he will have complete healing very soon.

  2. Mary, Sorry you are sick. Praying for you!!!

  3. Just wait until she hears you told everyone she was sitting on the pot, lol.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, Mary!