Saturday, December 26, 2009


  1. HI, Mary & John, Wow!! I feel special-- we made it by name into your blog!! We talked about you guys, too, in ours :). I have been reading your posts which chronicle the journey the Lord has brought you on, especially with regards to Gideon Lushi--- I must say that although he didn't understand what they were saying when they read out his birthday at the Consulate, it was, for me, one of the most precious memories of our adoption trip, and I still get chills when I think about it. I pray that the Lord gives him the gift of truly comprehending what He has done to bring this boy to Himself so Lushi will never doubt His goodness!! Blessings--Susan (& Hal!)

  2. So happy for your family! It was fun to catch up with your Christmas day.

    Blessings, Lisa C.

  3. Will one of you call me, as it seems we are in the same-short time frame- as you were in and we need to know what to expect?
    Chuck 425-508-3472

  4. Just wonderful! I'm so glad that your two newest treasures are home!