Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heading to Langfang!

Good evening/morning depending on where you are!

The Lord was gracious and we did get the notary papers last night around 8pm - we had resigned ourselves to not getting it last night when it hadn't arrived by 6:30pm. We went to eat at KFC and after dinner we told Angela she had better call Shelby at Shepherd's Field and tell her we would not make it until Sat - Angela took out her phone and squealed "it came, it came"!! There was a message on her phone saying the papers were at the hotel just after 8pm!! Then she softly said God is so good! Yes!

Now Christina's gotcha will not be the same as Lushi's birthday!! We will forever more have such busy celebrations in Dec with 2 gotchas and a bday in the same week! So we fly out at 10am - couldn't get our money back on the other flights for Sat, but the amount of the new plane tickets was about the same as the cost of the 2 rooms at the Shanxi Grande ... we wanted adjoining rooms and had to go to the "business level" to get them - and they are the most expensive hotel rooms for our entire trip.

So we should meet Christina this afternoon sometime and we will get an extra night at the Inn of the Eight Happinesses at Shepherd's Field!

We are hoping Lushi and Christina can understand each other - we will soon find out. And there are some of the older boys at SF that Lushi will be able to meet, too!

Thanks for all your prayers!!
Mary and John


  1. Wonderful!! Have loved following your blessed journey!!

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  3. That is great! Are you going to be spending any time with the other children at SF? If you make it to the clinic (Samaritan's House), please give my little Tristan a hug for me! Thanks! I can't wait to see pictures!!! Have a great day!

  4. This day is the answer to many, many prayers at our house. We are so thankful!! It's awesome to see the way that God has orchestrated all of the events surrounding these newest adoptions.
    Eli is happy to hear that DuJie will soon be on American soil. He has some advice for her, too. :)

    May God bless your growing family!