Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Guangzhou- finally

We finally got to Guangzhou.  Our flight from Nanchang was delayed by over 2.5 hrs, and we finally touched down after dark here.  We shuttled in from the airport and checked into the Victory Hotel-- the rooms are very large, but were a bit disappointed in that the entire Shamian Island is covered with scaffolding.  Every building is being "beautified" by the local government in preparation for Guangzhou hosting the 2010 Asian games.  The normally beautiful Shamian Island is not so beautiful right now :-(   We're gonna have to tour the island today and find out where everything is again.  Many of the shops where we have had laundry done and purchased trinkets over the years have moved.  It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60's today... so we'll suffer thru that excursion!   We did find Lucy's just fine last night- dodging new concrete being poured in the street right outside their front door- finally getting to eat at 9pm.  It was worth the wait.  The Iced Tea went down just great.

On the adoption side of things, today are the medical appointments for Lushi and Christina that are required by US Immigration.  They are gonna have to get some vaccinations- this is another new requirement- and I'm sure that will go over just great with them- NOT.

Keep Mary in your prayers, as she's not feeling so great.

Have a good Thursday night as we begin our Friday.


  1. Prayers for the medical appointments and for Mary to start feeling better.....

  2. Great to hear you made it to Guangzhou ... and ice tea!! Last leg!!!


  3. Just said a prayer for Mary and the kids with their vaccines and TB test, etc. Hope you have a wonderful time in GZ.

  4. Please tell them they have to be done renovations before I get there :)
    Hugs--- and much love to you all!!!
    kelly R