Monday, August 24, 2009

PA for sweet Christina!

It is with great JOY
we announce that we have
Pre-Approval (PA) from the
China officials to
pursue the adoption of
DuJie .... Christina
who lives at
Shepherd's Field Langfang Village!

It is a long God story in how we went from deferring to another family for the adoption of Gregg to pursuing the adoption of Christina who we have been sponsoring .... and John has been smitten with .... since last year. We met Christina in February 2008 while visiting The Village prior to adopting Jeremy - same time we met Gregg. There will soon be a blog where I will write out the story behind this announcement. We are so happy to know that it is a pleasing thing to God to have this child placed into our family.

Christina will be 10 on November 9th - our oldest child from China, but will always be our smallest .... her special need is that she has a form of dwarfism and presently stands at 38 inches tall and wears 3-4T clothes. I simply can't wait to send her a new outfit and the family photo album I have already put together for her - to let her know that SHE finally, after so very many years, now has a family of her own!


  1. PTL PTL PTL!! Congrats and hurry up with those documents. ;o)

  2. Congratulation.
    We are so happy to hear that you are going to be Christinas family, you are blessed. We are sponsoring Christina for the 6 last month and was hoping that she would get a family. We adoptet also a boy from Philip Hayden in March this year.

    Blessings from Norway
    Vibeke Kjeøy

  3. So, so happy for your family and Christina. God is good. Can't wait to see her home.
    Jocelyn - Elijah's mom

  4. oh my gosh!!!!!! I didn't know you were adopting this sweet girl. She was my Rachels favorite friend. Rachel is going to be over the moon. Christina picture along with Rachel's and another girls hangs over our couch! I am thrilled. Kathy Lowe